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Close Your Eyes, Love

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New Album "Close Your Eyes, Love - Lullabies of the Celtic Lands"

From an ancient Celtic source,  lullabies of old for modern-day relaxation.

Single downloadable tracks available here, as well as minute long samples

Ancient Irish harpers believed that certain melodies could induce powerful states of sleep.  They called these melodies 'suantraí' or 'songs of sleep.' 

On 'Close Your Eyes, Love' Irish harpist and singer Áine Minogue revives this ancient artform to create a modern day assist for relaxation and sleep from these ancient Celtic sources of nourishment.

"Áine Minogue…. a breath of fresh Éire" Entertainment Weekly

"....a balm for our times" Boston Globe

 For for information on "Suantraí" and restful music, please visit our sister site

Single downloadable tracks available here, as well as minute long samples

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The new CD.  Parents' Choice Approved Award 2012!  (All Ages)    

Liner Notes
1. Take Time To Thrive 

2. William's Lullaby

3.  Slumber My Darling  

4.  Close Your Eyes, Love

5.  Dún Do Shúil  (Close Your Eyes)

6.  Mary's Lullaby 

7.  Gartan Mother's Lullaby 

8.  The Ashgrove 

9.  Suo Gan  (Welsh Lullaby) Theme from "Emperor Of the Sun"

10.  I Am Asleep 
Album Credits


Seamus Egan:  Low  D Whistles on "I am Asleep"
Eugene Friesen: Cello
Áine Minogue: Irish harp, vocals and background vocals
Mildred Pennington:  Oboe
Scott Petito:  Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Beth Reineke:  Background vocals on "Suo Gan"
Leslie Ritter:  Background Vocals

Produced by Scott Petito and Áine Minogue
Assistant Engineer:  Beth Reineke

Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Scott Petito at NRS Recording studio in Catskill NY

Artwork by Robert Hakalski Visual Machinery

Publishing:  LIttle Miller Music for Áine Minogue (BMI)
© Áine Minogue 2012
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Take Time To Thrive

Take time to thrive, my rose of hope, in the garden of Dromore
Take heed, young eagle, till your wings are feathered, fit to soar
A little rest and then our world is full of work to do

Singing hushabye loo, low loo, low lan
Sing Hushabye loo, low loo

Bring no ill wind to hinder us, my helpless babe and me
No spirits all of the Blackwater, Clan Owen's wild banshee
The Great Guide watching over us, in Heaven for grace doth sue

Sing hushabye loo, low loo, low lan
Hushabye loo, low loo

The October winds lament around the castle of Dromore
Yet peace is in her lofty halls, my loving treasure store
Though autumn leaves may droop and die, a bud of spring are you

Sing hushabye loo, low loo, low lan
Hushabye loo, low loo


Slumber My Darling

by Stephen Collins Foster

Slumber my darling, thy mother is near 

Guarding thy dreams from all terror and fear. 

Sunlight has passed and the twilight has gone, 

Slumber my darling, the night's coming on.

Sweet visions attend thy sleep Fondest, dearest to me,

While others their revels keep, I will watch over thee .
Slumber my darling,
the birds are at rest, 
wandering dews by the flowers are caressed, 

Slumber my darling,
I'll wrap thee up warm,
Pray that the angels will shield thee from harm.

Slumber my darling till morn's blushing rays
Brings to the world the glad tidings of day:

Fills the dark void with thy dreamy delight
Slumber, thy mother will guard thee tonight.

Thy pillow shall sacred be From all outward alarm; 

Thou, thou art the world to me In thine innocent charms.

Slumber, my darling, the birds are at rest,

wandering dews by the flowers are caressed; 

Slumber, my darling, I'll wrap thee up warm,
Pray that the angels will shield thee from harm.


Dún Do Shúile


Dún do shúile a rún mo chroí
A chuid den tsaol is a ghrá liom.
Dún do shúile a rún mo chroí
Is gheobhair féirín amárach.

Beidh do fhear ag tiocht gan mhoill ón g'cnoc
Agus cearca fraoch ina lámh leis.
Codail go ciúin a lao is a chuid
Agus gheobhair féirín amárach.


Tá an Samhradh ag triall le grian is teas
Agus duilliúr glas ar phrataí
Tá an ghaoth ag tiocht go fírinneach
Is gheobhaimid iasc amárach.



Dún Do Shúile

English Translation


Close your eyes darling of my heart
My share of the world, my love
Close your eyes darling of my heart
And you'll get something good tomorrow

Your Dad will soon come home from the hill
With a grouse in his hand.
Oh sleep calmly, oh treasure, my treasure
And you'll get something good tomorrow


Summer is coming with sunshine and heat
And the leaves are green on the potatoes.
The wind is coming strongly from the south
And we will get fish tomorrow.



Suo Gan (Welsh Lullaby)

Huna blentyn, ar fy mynwes,
Clyd a chynmes ydyw hon;
Breichiau mam sy’n dyn amdant,
Cariad mam sy dan fy mron.
Ni chaiff dim amharu’th gynum,
Ni wna undyn a thi gam:
Huna’n dawel, annwyl bientyn,
Huna’n fwyn ar fron dy fam.

Huna’n dawel hana huna
Huna’n fwyn y del ei lun:
Pam yr wyt yn awr yn gwenu.
Gwenu’n dirion yn dy hun
Ai angylion fry sy’n gwenu
Arnat yno’n gwenu’n llon
Titha’u’n gwenu’n ol a huno,
Huno’n dawel ar fy mron.

Paid ag ofni, dim ond deilen
Gura, gura ar y ddor;
Paid ag ofni ton fach unig
Sua, sua ay lan y mor,
Huna blentyn nid oes yma
Ddim I roddi iti fraw;
Ar yr engl gwynion draw.


English Translation of the Welsh Lullaby "Suo Gan"

To my lullaby surrender,
Warm and tender is my breast;
Mother's arms with love caressing
Lay their blessing on your rest;
Nothing shall tonight alarm you,
None shall harm you, have no fear;
Lie contented, calmly slumber
On your mother's breast my dear.

Here tonight I tightly hold you
And enfold you while you sleep,
Why, I wonder, are you smiling
Smiling in your slumber deep?
Are the angels on you smiling
And beguiling you with charm,
While you also smile, my blossom,
In my bosom soft and warm?

Have no fear now, leaves are knocking,
Gently knocking at our door;
Have no fear now, waves are beating,
Gently beating on the shore.
Sleep, my darling, none shall harm you
Nor alarm you, never
And beguiling those on high.
Album Reviews
Professional Reviews

Áine Minogue is a Irish harpist and singer who just released a new album Close Your Eyes, Love – Lullabies Of The Celtic Lands. While some might believe that all harp music is lullaby music, this is her first album made specifically with children in mind. Since I’m a sucker for all things Irish, and tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, this was an easy album to review.

The album consists of mainly traditional Irish Lullabies with a couple original lullabies written by Áine included. The album also features numerous guests, including Seamus Egan, who is featured on the Instrumental Dreamland album.

Although the album is 47 minutes long, you might struggle reaching the end of the CD. Not because it’s not good, but you’ll be asleep before the album is over. But, that’s the point of a successful lullaby CD, right? I

If you’re a fan of Irish music and have a little one in the house, Close Your Eyes, Love – Lullabies Of The Celtic Lands will be a fine addition to your collection. "Dad's writing about kids culture"

~ Boston Irish Reporter by Sean Smith

“Close Your Eyes, Love: Lullabies of the Celtic Lands,” by Áine Minogue—A Tipperary native who now lives in the Boston area, harpist-vocalist Áine Minogue has imbued her interpretation of Celtic music with an appreciation for its underlying myths, rituals, customs, and spiritual aspects. Hers is often an ethereal, even other-worldly sound, and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, the authenticity and sophistication—not to mention the artistry—Minogue brings to her work put it beyond other more recent, and commercial, efforts in a similar vein.

On this CD, Minogue explores the harping tradition’s suantraí, or “songs of sleep.” She notes that lullabies, as we commonly refer to them, were created not just for children but for all ages. So in a high-speed society where we often seek relief from stress and anxiety, she says, why not look to suantraí as an aid to meditation or other forms of relaxation?

Obviously, you may not have much interest, or belief, in the restorative powers of music, but on its merits as a recording, “Close Your Eyes, Love” has plenty to recommend it. Minogue’s gossamer-soft soprano glides through songs in English, Gaelic and Welsh, including her composition “Take Time to Thrive,” Stephen Foster’s “Slumber My Darling”—with co-producer Scott Petito on guitar and cellist Eugene Friesen providing a suitably gentle, understated backing—and the traditional “Gartan Mother’s Lullaby,” Friesen again supplying a sensitive, subtle accompaniment to Minogue’s harp. (Also noteworthy is the appearance of Seamus Egan from Solas, playing a distant low whistle on “I Am Asleep.”)

The instrumental tracks, some traditional, others by Minogue, are showcases of dexterity—her solo piece “Mary’s Lullaby” in particular, as well as her interplay with Petito’s guitar and Mildred Pennington’s oboe on “William’s Lullaby.”

As producers, Minogue and Petito create an effectively aural dreamscape, with healthy but not overdone reverb, and vocal accompaniments that seem to echo from the stratosphere. No, there isn’t a lot of variation in tone or tempo, and presumably that’s what Minogue had in mind. If you can’t get into the whole altered- consciousness aspect of “Close Your Eyes,” then look at it as perhaps a substantial change of pace in your Celtic music listening. Life isn’t always about jigs, reels and Dropkick Murphys rave-ups.
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By Blanca (Oct 2nd, 2014)
love the new blog! definitely way coloer than the old one! you get better and better every time i see your stuff! that a girl!!
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